KTS 980

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The KTS 980 package (KTS 590 & DCU 220) empowers workshops to efficiently handle today’s complex vehicles. Featuring KTS 590’s built-in 2-channel multimeter and oscilloscope, technicians can easily test complex electrics with precision. Paired with the flexible and robust 11.6-inch DCU 220 laptop/tablet PC, it enhances diagnostic control and workshop flexibility.

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The sophisticated KTS 980 package (KTS 590 & DCU 220) gives workshops enhanced ability to efficiently meet the challenges of today’s increasingly complex vehicles.

With KTS 590’s in-built 2-channel multimeter and 2-channel oscilloscope, technicians can view real-time electrical signal variation for easier and highly precise testing of complex electrics. And controlling the diagnostic process with the 11.6-inch DCU 220 laptop/tablet PC device gives much-needed flexibility around the workshop and all-round robust performance.


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