DCU 220 Rugged Laptop

£3,570.00 ex. VAT

Introduce the 11.6-inch DCU 220 laptop/tablet PC controller to your diagnostic tools for everyday flexibility and all-round robust performance. Its high-powered processor and substantial memory make it ever reliable and always ready to control the Bosch KTS series modules for efficient vehicle testing and diagnosis.

Innovative hot-swapping battery functionality gives long-lasting performance and lets you replace batteries as required mid-operation, with absolutely no downtime. A boost to productivity.

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Simple switching between laptop and tablet mode: You choose keyboard or tablet data entry for most practical workshop use
Extremely robust: Built to military standards and ready to cope with the daily demands of a professional workshop
2 x 24Wh hot-swappable lithium-ion batteries: Stay powered and keep working with just one battery while you replace the other. No need to stop the test or diagnosis
Super-fast, latest-generation processor: Powerful Intel Core i5 means DCU 220 is ready to use whenever you need it
Installed with Windows 10: Latest operating system will easily accommodate additional applications and programmes to suit your workflow and maximise your business operations
Regular online updates: Keep up-to-date and always have the latest content
Choice of accessories available: Make the DCU 220 work harder for you with accessories that maximise usability


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