The leading remote support service

With an unrivalled remote support solution, Core Diagnostics is trusted by technicians across the UK and Europe, from small workshops to large accident repair centres and Europe-wide glass replacement networks.

Core Diagnostics also provides a ‘white label’ service to a number of major diagnostic brands that have launched remote support services in the UK and European markets.

Core Diagnostics’ success is driven by a deep-seated ambition to be the best in the business, as well as a commitment to continual re-investment in infrastructure, IT and people.

Our systems

A sophisticated IT infrastructure provides the secure, cloud-based connectivity that powers our remote support solution.

Significant additional server capacity allows us to quickly and seamlessly meet peaks in demand as well as providing a back-up to ensure continuity of service in the event of system failure.

An automated software solution logs each support ticket and as soon as each task is complete it automatically generates an invoice and sends it electronically to the customer. In the case of ADAS calibrations, this is accompanied by a copy of a calibration report in accordance with IIR guidelines.

What makes us the leading remote support service?

There are other remote diagnostics services, but there’s only one Core Diagnostics.

While other providers may have hardware similar to our Core Remote, this clever little black box is simply the means of accessing our service – and the service is what really sets us apart.

Our focus is on ensuring that our remote diagnostic service is the most responsive, offers the widest vehicle coverage and ensures the highest success rates. To achieve this we invest heavily in four key areas:






Our infrastructure enables us to offer exceptional vehicle coverage, no wait times or frustrating support queues.

Our systems provide secure access to vehicle data for more than 60 vehicle brands. However, it’s not only the number of brands that matters, but also how many can be accessed simultaneously. That’s what makes the difference between an on-demand service like ours, and one with a queue.

It’s also about having the latest tools and how they are configured. Typically, a remote diagnostics service will operate with units which need to be attached and re-attached each time you require them. For us, this seemed highly inefficient and loses precious minutes.

Instead, we’ve built a bespoke diagnostics centre with custom automations which allows our technicians to access hundreds of systems at the single click of a button. One of the first of its kind, this drives the efficiency that our customers experience today and is why our remote service can be truly ‘on-demand’.


You can have all the impressive, cutting-edge technology but without the best people, it isn’t worth much.

At Core Diagnostics we employ some of the most experienced remote diagnostics technicians in the field, many of whom have now successfully completed thousands of job tickets and continue to deliver the high standards of service that we pride ourselves on.

However, to ensure that our team has the capacity to meet the growth in demand for our service, we have an ongoing programme of recruitment and training to find and develop remote support stars of the future.


Remote diagnostics is not the same as performing diagnostics at the vehicle. Until recently there was no such thing as a Remote Diagnostics Technician accreditation. However, we’re very proud to have worked with the IMI to design and develop one.

It’s the first formally recognised Remote Diagnostics Technician accreditation and it provides all of the knowledge and skills required to become a successful Remote Diagnostics Technician.

In addition to achieving this IMI Accreditation, our trainee technicians undergo extensive training on our systems and procedures. They are assigned a mentor to ensure that they are completing the work to the standard we expect, and we monitor times, chats, efficiency, and problem-solving in order to build well-rounded and highly skilled technicians.

Continual personal development is also extremely important to ensure that our technicians are always ready for new and emerging technology, with many having completed EV & Hybrid Level 2 and 3, as well as AOM 230 for ADAS.


It’s important to us that we not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. We closely monitor our success rates as well as our response times, to ensure that 30 seconds is the longest anyone will have to wait for support from one of our remote technicians, however we regularly invite customer feedback on our service, and use it to drive continual improvement.

As part of this we’ve learned that our breadth of coverage, high success rates, rapid response times and our professional and friendly service are why our customers frequently recommend Core Diagnostics to others. We’re enormously proud of the reputation we’ve earned and will always strive to ensure we live up to it.


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