Step 1. Core Diagnostics app port scan

You can easily check your TCP/UDP port settings. Connect the Core Diagnostics to your Android device and start the app. When any port issues occur, the app will inform you immediately during startup.

Step 2. TCP/UDP Port settings

For the correct operation of the Core Diagnostics application, you are advised to allow the following TCP/UDP ports in your WiFi router. Open ports:

  • 443 (user interface)
  • 8080 (user interface)
  • 10001 (user interface)
  • 46329 (CAN Bus data – AES coded)
  • Alternative if port 46329 fails: 80 (port 80 is fall-back for port 46329, CAN Bus data – AES coded)

b. Check if you are still using the same network: WiFi / 4G.


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