Radar Kit III

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Introducing Radar Kit III for precise front and rear radar sensor calibration. Kit includes rotating base, reinforced plastic rod, laser module, and radar reflectors. Requires Rear Cam Kit and positioning aid for reflector.

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Introducing the Radar 3 Calibration Kit, an essential tool for precise calibration of front and rear radar sensors. This kit comprises a rotating base equipped with a glass-fiber reinforced plastic rod, a laser module, and two radar reflectors. Designed to meet the specific requirements of different manufacturers, the Radar Kit III ensures accurate calibration of radar sensors, enhancing the functionality and reliability of advanced driver assistance systems.

To utilize the Radar 3 Calibration Kit effectively, it requires the Rear Cam Kit and a positioning aid for radar reflectors. These additional components complement the functionality of the kit, enabling comprehensive calibration of radar sensors for optimal performance.

With the Radar 3 Calibration Kit, workshops can ensure that radar-based ADAS functions, such as adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems, are calibrated to the highest standards. By maintaining precise sensor alignment, technicians can enhance vehicle safety and reliability, providing customers with peace of mind on the road.

Investing in the Radar 3 Calibration Kit equips workshops with the tools necessary to meet the evolving demands of modern vehicle technology. As automotive systems continue to advance, precise calibration becomes increasingly vital to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction. With its advanced features and comprehensive capabilities, the Radar 3 Calibration Kit is a valuable addition to any workshop’s diagnostic arsenal, empowering technicians to deliver superior service and maintain a competitive edge in the automotive industry.


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