megamacs X

£2,490.00 ex. VAT

The mega macs X is completely different to the old norm: it revolutionises the way we work and communicate with the vehicle and adapts to workshops of any size.

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The flexible diagnostic solution
Just like vehicles, the conversation with them is changing. That is why Hella Gutmann has completely rethought the world of diagnostics and data, and has created mega macs X: the all-in-one car translator. Just like the vehicle users, you, too, in the workshops should also be able to decide completely individually which function modules and data types you require for your multi-make diagnostics and which hardware controller you would like to use for this purpose. Perhaps one particular way today but a different way tomorrow. With mega macs, it’s just a matter of configuration.

X benefits
X is the variable for reaping all the benefits that every workshop can freely define and configure.

X = Low-cost start
Flexible licensing system | Software updates included | Use of your own display device

X = Flexible and simple use
Easy handling | Operated on separate display unit

X = Individual configuration of functions
Flexible service scopes | Upgrades can be changed at any time in the macs365 customer portal

X = Fast, semi-automated initial installation
Plug & play commissioning | Guided set-up on the display unit

X = Durable soft-touch housing
High-quality material protects against damage | Easy to repair due to double-shell housing


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