CSC-Tool Mobile incl. Wheel Modules

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Designed for mobile technicians and smaller workshops, the CSC-Tool Mobile offers the same capabilities and accuracy as the CSC-Tool SE, in a compact and portable package.

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The compact and portable ADAS calibration tool
Based on the CSC-Tool SE, our award-winning ADAS calibration tool, the CSC-Tool Mobile allows mobile technicians and workshops with limited space to precisely calibrate the ADAS features used by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers.

The CSC-Tool Mobile is engineered to ensure the same standards of accuracy as the standard version, yet with retractable mirrors, a clever collapsible chassis and folding calibration target panels, it can be easily transported and assembled in minutes.
Just like its static sibling, the CSC-Tool Mobile uses the vehicle’s rear axle (which determines the true thrust angle of a vehicle) as its reference point, ensuring absolute alignment of the vehicle’s camera or radar sensor with the calibration panel or radar panel, for results that meet vehicle manufacturer standards.
Once calibration is complete a report can be generated as a permanent record in accordance with Thatcham Research and the Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR). The calibration results can also be saved in the Car History function of mega macs diagnostic tools for further reference if required.


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