Core Diagnostics has launched the first-of-its-kind Remote Diagnostics Technician accredited by the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI).

With the remote diagnostics industry in its early years, finding a comprehensive structured learning path accredited by a reputable source, is virtually non-existent.

To combat this issue, Core Diagnostics decided to lead the charge in developing their very own Remote Diagnostics Technician course, accredited by the IMI.

Core Diagnostics is a remote diagnostics support service that allows workshops to complete high-level tickets such as ADAS calibrations, programming and coding of new parts, secure gateway access, keys and more all over-the-air.

The service is fully on-demand meaning the technicians need to be at the ready to accept tickets within 30 seconds of them appearing on the dashboard.

Mark Fleming, CEO of Core Diagnostics comments “Remote Diagnostic technicians need to work at a very high-level to complete the work to the standard required. We felt that it was very important to have a structured learning path with clear development to standardise the learning process for our technicians.”

The new accreditation serves as part of Core Diagnostics’ plan to become the leading remote support service provider in the UK and Europe.

Currently, Core Diagnostics boasts a truly on-demand service, leading success rates and technical infrastructure as well as the increasingly growing team of talented individuals.

You can learn more about Core Diagnostics on the blog.


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