Prior to purchasing the Core Diagnostics, Core Remote, Steve admitted that his business was losing out. He was losing out through the added expenses of training, diagnostic tools, and transportation costs to dealers.

Now, with Core Diagnostics’ support and the Core Remote, Steve has limited his expenses tremendously and grew the company revenue. He describes the service as ‘second to none’! Steve can do everything with the ease of just one tool and at a fraction of the cost!

  • No additional spends on training
  • No need to send your cars to main dealers
  • All taken care of by expert, IMI accredited technicians

“I can plug the tool into the car and then it’s all taken over by a technician who has software and capabilities of diagnosing any issues, any faults.”
Core Diagnostics has secured Steve’s company with:

  • Programmed headlamps
  • ADAS
  • Cameras
  • ECUs

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