megamacs ONE incl. license

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mega macs ONE transforms your Android device into a multifunctional workshop tool of the future. Fast, cost-effective and flexible to use.

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Android solution for diagnostics
After concluding the licence agreement, you will receive the Bluetooth VCI via which mega macs ONE communicates with the vehicle concerned. At the same time, the Hella Gutmann app ‘mega macs ONE’ is available for download. Once installed on the tablet, it can be used limitlessly. The diagnostic functions available via mega macs ONE fully correspond to those of the traditional mega macs diagnostic devices. They range from displaying the OBD interface in the vehicle and reading/deleting error codes to service interval resets, parameter displays (up to 16 at once), basic settings and actuator tests.

In addition, mega macs ONE also offers current customisation options, such as for screen view in landscape and portrait mode, alarm duration when leaving the radio range of the VCI and recording duration for the measured values.

In the same way as the traditional mega macs diagnostic devices, you can also book regular updates and services for mega macs ONE, and use the technical call centre for assistance with diagnostic tasks.


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