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Introducing the MaxiTPMS ITS600 EU, a wireless Android-based tablet designed for automotive professionals. With a 5.5-inch touchscreen display and Bluetooth VCI, it offers versatility and compatibility with TPMS-equipped vehicles globally. Excels in TPMS diagnostics with enhanced features like VINscan and MX-Sensor programming. Offers OBDII relearn and comprehensive sensor maintenance functions. Compatible with Autel’s TBE200 Tire Tread Wear Analysis tool for advanced analysis. Includes one year of free TPMS software updates and backed by a one-year limited warranty. Trusted for precision and efficiency in TPMS and diagnostic tasks.

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The MaxiTPMS ITS600 EU represents a wireless, touchscreen tablet rooted in the Android system, tailored to meet the needs of automotive professionals. This tablet boasts a 5.5-inch colour display and incorporates a Bluetooth vehicle communication interface (VCI). Versatility is a key feature, with compatibility extending to TPMS-equipped vehicles from the United States, Asia, and Europe.

The ITS600 EU excels in TPMS diagnostics and service functions, providing an enhanced TPMS status screen, a VINscan feature for swift vehicle identification, and two MX-Sensor programming options. It also offers OBDII relearn functionality, complemented by onscreen relearn instructions for all vehicles.

This tool is proficient at activating, reading, and relearning all recognised sensors, making it a comprehensive solution for TPMS maintenance. Beyond TPMS, it offers extensive all-system diagnostics across vehicles and facilitates four common maintenance services, streamlining your work.

For enhanced analysis, the ITS600 EU is fully compatible with Autel’s TBE200 Tire Tread Wear Analysis tool, which can be acquired separately. Furthermore, the ITS600 EU package includes one year of free TPMS software updates, ensuring that your diagnostic capabilities remain up-to-date. To provide peace of mind, it is backed by a one-year limited warranty, making it a trusted choice for automotive professionals seeking precision and efficiency in their TPMS and diagnostic tasks.


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