IA900WA ADAS Full Kit

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Introducing the IA900WA: the first affordable, fully integrated ADAS calibration and four-wheel alignment system. With six high-resolution, self-calibrating cameras and innovative features like automatic height monitoring and floor compensation, it simplifies calibration procedures. Equipped with a 24″ touchscreen for easy operation and efficiency. Empower your repair operations with precision and control.

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The IA900WA represents a groundbreaking advancement as the first fully integrated ADAS calibration and four-wheel alignment system available at an affordable price. This comprehensive equipment is equipped with six high-resolution, self-calibrating cameras that work in conjunction with the frame, granting technicians precise optical measurements. Moreover, the frame’s cameras actively monitor the vehicle’s height when on the lift, ensuring that they consistently maintain a clear line of sight to their intended targets.

The IA900WA introduces a paradigm shift in calibration procedures, eliminating the need for technicians to manually measure distances. It even boasts the capability to compensate for uneven flooring, simplifying the process. Additionally, the IA900WA is equipped with a 24″ touchscreen, mirroring the Ultra’s screen, making it easy for technicians to reduce work time and enhance shop efficiency through straightforward, user-friendly instructions.

Shop owners no longer need to make a trade-off between accuracy and efficiency; the IA900WA empowers them with control over their repair operations.


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