IA600 Camera Starter Pack

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Introducing the IA600, an advanced ADAS calibration tool by Autel. Featuring computerized camera setup and detailed reporting, it ensures accurate calibrations for various ADAS systems. Sold with a ‘full bundle’ including camera setup configuration and patterns. Enables both static and dynamic calibrations. Tested and approved by Thatcham in 2020.

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Perfect for mobile or use within the workshop, building on the original Autel calibration frame, the new IA600 now offers computerised camera setup saving time and increasing accuracy along with a fully documented reporting to show Pre / Post Scans, Calibration results and tool setup making it one of the most comprehensive ADAS calibration reports to date.

It’s designed for the technician who needs to be able to calibrate all ADAS systems including Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Collision Warning, Night Vision, Blind Spot and Radar/Camera collision avoidance systems. The IA600 is sold with a ‘full bundle’ with includes Camera setup configuration (just like the advanced IA900) plus various patterns and boards packaged together to save the customer money.

There are also an extensive range of extra specialist patterns, boards and simulators to enable the technical to calibrate many static ADAS calibrations.

The Autel ADAS software will also enable the technician to undertake dynamic calibrations, where the car must be put in learn mode, but does not require the use of an ADAS frame.

The Autel ADAS tools were tested by Thatcham and successfully completed all test procedures in 2020.


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