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Core Mk1 & Samsung Tablet inc. Carry Case

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Before we ship your Core Mk1 Package, you will need to set up a direct debit to use our services. You can view the process here.

£1,099.00 ex. VAT

Our Core Remote Interface works through the cloud. Meaning, that you are connected to one of our specialists via your WiFi or 4G Connection.

Connect our Core Remote Interface to the vehicle. Launch the Core Diagnostics Android app. You can then select the vehicle (if not already selected automatically) and select the job that you would like to complete.

From there you are then connected to one of our Core Technicians who will carry out the work required remotely. Whilst our Technician is working on your vehicle, you will need to ensure that you are on hand in order to complete any physical tasks that may be required. Example: Turn ignition on, or direct instruction from our Technician on the App’s Live Chat.

This package comes with a Samsung Galaxy Active Tablet and carry case.




Carry out dynamic ADAS calibrations or add Core to your existing ADAS set up to increase your vehicle coverage and perform static calibrations.

check engine diagnostic

Vehicle Programming / Coding

Our Core Technicians have the tools and expertise to diagnose and solve vehicle problems remotely.

check engine diagnostic

Remote Diagnostics

With Core Diagnostics, you reduce the cost of buying diagnostics tools.

check engine diagnostic

Module/ECU Commissioning

Teaching in new control units that have been fitted to the vehicle.

cloud based remote vehicle diagnostics

Pin Code Reading

Our Technicians can assist with pin or security code retrieval for security related tasks such as body control module replacement or key programming.

cloud based remote vehicle diagnostics

Key Programming

Programming of replacement keys and new key lock sets.

cloud based remote vehicle diagnostics

Live Chat via the app

You will have access to a live chat with our Core Technicians as your job is being completed.

Note: To use the Mk1 interface, you will require the Android app which you can download below.

Download the app
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