Case Study – Iain Molloy | Core Diagnostics

Case Study – Iain Molloy

“Core Diagnostics will go to the ends of the earth to try and get the job fixed for you”

Iain Molloy is a loyal Core Diagnostics customer and the owner of A1 ADAS solutions, an ADAS calibrations business in East Anglia. Iain was searching for a solution for his ADAS calibrations and he was recommended to try Core Diagnostics. We spoke to Iain about how Core’s remote tool has benefited him and his business.

Iain says the Core product perfectly suits his needs. Here are just a few of the benefits he states:

  • Save on expenses – no need to invest in expensive dealership level equipment as well as the ongoing costs for updating equipment
  • Save time and get more jobs completed
  • Increase customer satisfaction – no need to send vehicles to main dealers
  • Ease of use… ‘the tool itself is so user-friendly’
  • He was provided with ‘aftercare and support’ from expert technicians

Iain highly recommends the Core tool to:

  • Any Motor Trade Businesses
  • Body Repair Industries fitting new headlamps, steering racks and other components which require coding
  • Fast Fit Centres
  • Key Cut Businesses

“A rounded solution… It fits everybody.”